an easter party.

we got to go to a pre-Easter event with my parents this year.
it was screamingly wonderful.



K picked out the cutest little bunny to adorn her face.
she even convinced me to let her save a few glittery hearts
so that she could show them to all of her friends at church the next day.

everyone gathered eggs.



and L was so happy to find them.



K was a more serious egg finder.
she didn’t crack a smile even once.


checking out her loot.



my bunny and her bunny.



she is such a sweet girly girl.



and this big guy



and this guy got a ton of eggs, too.



now, D has never, ever wanted to ride a pony.
but this time, he was thrilled to.



and she could have stayed on Babe all afternoon.



do you know my pony story?
i was given a pony for my first birthday
(what one year old does not need their very own pony?)
her name was Annie and she had one blue eye and one brown eye.
at some point, my grandparents ended up getting rid of Annie
and one day, my mom and i were at the grocery store
and they had pony rides in the parking lot
and i saw Annie.
her eyes were unmistakable.
poor Annie.
and that’s my pony story.
so now you’ve heard it.



D and Shorty.



L either wanted to walk up the steps
leading to the ponies
or ride on the pony.
so, we put him on a pony
and boy oh boy
he did not like that.


apparently it was the steps he was interested in.



but this girl, oh how she loved it.



my babe and her Babe.



our climber girl.



she tried a couple of times to make it up to



the tippy, tippy






and P with our L.
how he loves her.


So, if you think you are standing firm,
be careful that you don’t fall!
1 Corinthians 10:12


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