my dad.

my dad is pretty great.
actually, that’s not true.
he’s really great.

he is a problem solver
and so is my B
(i think most men are.)

i’ve been using the same laptop for a few years now
and all of a sudden, things were moving really slowly.
actually, that’s being generous.
things were pretty much at a stand-still.

i was just about to leave for CBS a few weeks ago
and before i knew it,
and my dad swooped in and dropped off
an old (but new to me) computer.

and you know what?
problem solved.
things are no longer at a stand-still here.

he uses the excuse that he didn’t want to miss out
on not seeing one photo of his grandkids.
he’s good like that.


O my Strength, I watch for you;
you, O God, are my fortress,
Psalm 59:9


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