meet the Os.

do you remember this sweet family?
well, they are some of our
dearest, dearest friends
who had to audacity to move to Chicago.


anyway, back to my story.
they came in for a little visit
because really, i think they missed all of us.


and i got to do a quick little shoot for them.
although this time, they had one more child!



meet the Os.



and meet little B.



little Miss G.
she was so concerned (nearly to tears)
that she had gotten sand on my blanket.
which i brought to the beach.
to get sand on.
such a sweet, sweet heart that girl has.




we all had a grand time
and seriously, is this momma
not one of the most beautiful
people in the world?
stunning, i tell you.
absolutely stunning.



Miss G was as curious
as any nearly three year old.



and might just be
a daddy’s girl.



and sweet little B,


i can’t wait to see
how this mom and daughter’s relationship
blossoms as the years go by.


the Os are such a fun family.


and they are as silly and wacky as ever.
oh, how we miss them.

until next time…


Let the light of your face shine upon us, O LORD.
Psalm 6:b


1966. blue and white striped sweaters for the boys
1967. getting lists in order
1968. rainy days
1969. the bigs splashing in puddles
1970. an impromptu fun lunch

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