picture me {im}perfectly.dusty and dirty

is your house anything like ours?
there always seems to be an area in our house
that is in need of
a dusting.
or a cleaning.
or a picking up.


and do you know what i discovered the other day?
even the firehouse/police station is in need of a dusting.



sometimes life is like cleaning your bathtub.
and if your bathtub is anything like mine,
when that time comes around,
it really, really needs to be cleaned.
and so i clean it.
and it’s hard work.
and sometimes i am moved to tears.
especially when one little person comes in
to check on me and points out that
the shower curtain is in need of a cleaning, too.
and i have a bad attitude about it.
and irrational thoughts like:
“the bathroom would surely stay clean
if my children never came in here.”
and i sweat.
and as i’m working vigorously,
i am not even sure if i am cleaning it properly
or if i am using the best system.
and i doubt myself.
and my ability to clean a dirty, grimy old tub.
and my thoughts consume me.


and then,
all of a sudden,
lost in my thoughts,
i realize that i have cleaned
of the tub.
and i rinse all the grime away
in a luke-warm wash of water.
and then,
the tub is gorgeous again.
and all i want to do now, is stay there.
with my pants rolled up.
and my face all cherry red.
because it’s not a dirty, grimy old tub anymore
but a gorgeous, smooth white tub,
asking for me to relax and just be in it.


in life, i am that dirty, grimy old tub.
so desperately in need of being cleaned.
and God is there.
He is always there.
ready to wash me off.
and ready to get rid of all
the dirt and
the grime and
the gunk.
but i need to be in His presence long enough
to realize that
i so desperately need it.
and so desparately need Him.


and if you’re looking for a
turn-your-heart-upside-down blog,
head over to Amber’s blog.


picture me {im}perfectly
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your house is not picture perfect,

your crafts are not always picture perfect,



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In fact, the law requires
that nearly everything be cleansed with blood,
and without the shedding of blood
there is no forgiveness.
Hebrews 9:22


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