we give our kids their own haircuts.
you’re probably thinking,
“yeah, we know. we can tell.”


well, just pretend that it’s not that obvious.



what generally happens is that

i get a glimpse of my children
and realize that not only do they need a haircut,
but they need it immediately.


and i can’t stand the thought of waiting an entire day
to snip all of that extra hair off
so that i can see their eyes again.
and not just mounds and mounds of hair.


L and i had gone swimming earlier in the am
as part of PT
in his most amazing school
and it’s a very warm pool.
like hot.
they keep it at 92 degrees.
yes, it’s warm.
and it’s indoors,
so the entire room is like a sauna.


but personally, i would much rather be
way too hot than way too cold.
B and i often debate as to which really is the best situation.
he’d much rather be too cold.


anyway, after we go swimming,
L’s hair curls like his big sister’s
and then it kind of frizzes and it’s just a big hot mess.


so that’s when i realized that he needed a haircut.
we were playing in the backyard anyway,
so it was a simply perfect situation.

i can see his eyes again.

Whatever exists has already been named,
and what man is has been known;
no man can contend
with one who is stronger than he.
Ecclesiastes 6:10


1801. summer days in january
1802. homemade lemonade
1803. obstacle courses made by the bigs
1804. watching birds and planes fly by
1805. cloudless skies


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