oh, christmas.

oh, christmas.
how fun you were.
we were so excited for you to arrive
and equally excited when it
was time for you to go.

we did a lot.
we saw a lot.
we went here.
we went there.
we went everywhere.
and now it is done.
and we made it through.
and now we’re on the other side.

as usual, the christmas festivities
started with the boat parade.



i surprised the bigs
with a trip down south
to get a first-class view
of the christmas lights.


and this is the sweet view
i continued to see from the kitchen.
L, pulling himself up on the couch
to see what the bigs were up to.

and this is how L responded to santa.

K was much more comfortable,

but D wouldn’t even look at the big guy.
he did enjoy his cupcake, though.

and we had a great visit with these special people.


our tree on christmas eve, eve.
which was actually our christmas eve.
it’s complicated so just go with it.


and our stockings.



and on christmas morning
(christmas eve for you)

we sliced open an orange B has been growing.
and yes, it was delicious.

and we sang happy birthday to Jesus.
after that, we packed up
and headed to a fun location nearby.

our reflections.


the glorious tree.


God, who has called you into fellowship
with his Son Jesus Christ our Lord,
is faithful.
1 Corinthians 1:9


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1747. peaceful drives
1748. christmas with the five of us
1749. not having to cram everything in on christmas morning

1750. a not-so-late night wrapping

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