they came to visit.part two

yesterday, i told you that 
we got a lovely visit 
from our friends.
they even brought 
the most beautiful, 
blackberries from her mom’s backyard.
oh goodness… she knows what i love.
that’s for sure. 

i think that Auntie L spent more time 
with my kids and in my house 
than i spent with her.
actually, i know that she did.

but heading to the beach was something 
that was a must-do on our list.
and so, we did it.
and it was fantastic.
when we went last year, 
it was quite windy but this year,
it was utterly and completely perfect. 

what we thought would be 
a fairly normal week around our house,
quickly turned into a very wild week.

D caught his first ever
hermit crab.

she happily watched all five children 
(while folding laundry, 
making some yummy treats i had pinned on pinterest 
and organizing our bookshelves) 
while B and i had a meeting with 
our pastor to gain some Biblical wisdom 
on a situation we’ve been involved with.

then on another day, 
L had an appointment with his new speech therapist at 7:30am, 
and from there we headed to school.
we then headed home for a nap and 
quickly left to see a new doctor 
for an hour and a half appointment 

the next day, he had school 
with a developmental assessment packed in.
oh where has our summer gone?
i know exactly where it went.

but, we still got some great one-on-one time together
after her babes fell asleep in the family room.
while we ate dessert.
and talked.
with the lights on.
i know, incredible, right?
i know my children would never, ever do that. 

we tried to get all of the big kids
to have a slumber party in one room.
and you know what?
they successfully had a slumber party.
which means that they would not go to sleep. 
so we separated them
and K sobbed because she didn’t have anyone to sleep next to.
for the first time ever, 
babydoll didn’t count as “someone.” 

the good Lord has certainly blessed her with
some absolutely incredible children.

and the good Lord has blessed her children
with the most patient and loving of mommies.

and of course, the good Lord has blessed us 
by all of their friendships.

l    o    v    e    d
the ocean.
and that’s an understatement. 

he gave it two thumbs up. 

the boys checking out the surf.

sand on the nose.
it doesn’t get much better than that, does it?
nope, it doesn’t get much better than that.

holes were dug
and then filled up 
by little girls 
who were trying to bother older boys. 
they succeeded at that, too.

and little L was loved by his Auntie L. 
we all were.

One who has unreliable friends soon comes to ruin, 
but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.

Proverbs 18:24

1361. Auntie L’s love
1362. the art that D creates
1363. the art that D teaches K
1364. that K is mildly amused by her art teacher
1365. a helper while folding laundry
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