they came to visit.part one

if you hung around these parts last year,
you’ll remember when the Ws came to visit us.

and, if you’re fairly new, you’ll probably remember
that Auntie L recently came to visit 
without her munchkins. 

well, all three of them made the trek again this summer
and we could not have been more delighted.
both the boys and girls are so close in age.

Auntie L, 
(as my children refer to her)
was my college roomie.

she spurs me on with her incredible dependence on God. 
she most certainly is a woman of incredible faith,
a woman who’s biggest desire 
is to strive after God’s will for her life.
it’s so inspiring to be around her.

Auntie L is so super talented as she 
owns her own handmade baby goods shop.
the cutest blankets, bibs, burp cloths, and diaper clutches.
check out her fruit

J is six months older than D

and is at least ten inches taller.
(notice D on his tippy toes!)

we made a trip to the 
natural history museum
to check out the dinos.
this photo was when we were on our way in,
explaining the rules to the kiddos.
(and yes, the girls asked that their hair be matching.)

i was there, too!

D and K stood for the camera
while E and J showed us 
their kung-fu moves

we loved the new exhibit 
that just opened a few weeks ago.

i mean, who doesn’t love dinosaur bones 
hanging over their heads?

we saw nearly every inch of that museum,

even the ginormous whale-like dino.

plenty of bear hugs were given

and the microscopes were a big hit.

i think D may want one for his next birthday.

sweet, sweet E absolutely loved the children’s area.

and K was cute, 
even if she was looking 
the wrong way in the telescope.

and this little man?
he was on his best behavior,
as usual.

more to come of their visit… tomorrow!

1356. good, good friends
1357. built-in playmates for my kids
1358. sweet Auntie L who gave me so much of her time
1359. sunday night movie night
1360. tj’s onion rings. 
oh. my. goodness.
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