ten on ten.august

oh how i love ten on ten days.

1-new project i’m working on
2-morning playtime with daddy
3-down to hall at L’s school
4-super special treat for the bigs
5-shiny trash can
6-never ending laundry
7-a favorite therapist
8-strengthening those arms
9-D’s alphabet creation
10-bathroom mirror

‘The glory of this present house 
will be greater than the glory of the former house,’ 
says the LORD Almighty. 
‘And in this place I will grant peace,’
 declares the LORD Almighty.”
Haggai 2:9

1396. a husband who insists that i must go out
all by myself and pick up yogurtland
1397. L’s endless sharing
1398. L’s newfound voice
1399. my panda bear lover
1340. a friend’s wisdom

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