last weekend.part three

three parts.
i know.
(click here for part one 
and here for part two.)

K called this little nook her office.
she pushed two open doors together and 
created an echo chamber.

and this is another one of the cousins.
i think she thought he was her real-life baby doll.

after a big dinner with the family,
the music started and there was dancing.
lots and lots of dancing.

K with her babydoll.

you know you’re old 
when music is played,
all the kids know all the words
and you have never ever heard of the song.
i’m oh-so very old.

and you also know it’s a wild party
when the sombreros are brought out to the dance floor.
wild i tell you.

I keep my eyes always on the LORD.
   With him at my right hand, 
I will not be shaken.
Psalm 16:8

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1344. an afternoon walk
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