it was a celebration.part two

(for part one, click here)

while the babes napped,
the adults had some fun.

and by fun i mean checking each other’s blood pressure.
checking blood pressure isn’t fun?
well, with these people it is.
fun and competitive.

then the kids got up.

a lot of playing was done,

Uncle S and his E.

K really committed to this.
she put this on all by herself and 
even walked down the stairs with this on.
i’m not even going to try to explain 
why my brother has this giant dog costume.
he just does, okay?

the birthday boy!

the three of us.

those delicious cupcakes 

(my sis frosted them at my parents’ house
and i had forgotten the mini chocolate chips at home.)

he LOVED the cupcake.
no, that might be an understatement.

L’s Great-Gram

Aunt Peg

Great Grammy and That Guy

Uncle J, Auntie B and us!

1201. help with making dinner
1202. Harry Connick on Pandora 
1203. spending the evening cleaning off the counters
1204. D’s willingness to peel 
hard boiled eggs for he and K
1205. fresh, new toys

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