it was a celebration.part one

L and i share a birthday
and this year, 
we had a little celebration for just him 
with my side of the family.
(a celebration with B’s side of the family is coming soon)

what better way
to have celebrated 
little L’s 2nd birthday 
than with a parade?

my grandmother lives on 
a little island down south
(where my dad grew up)
and every june, the community has the sweetest parade.
we met my side of the family there
for part one of the birthday celebration. 

Aunt WW and her B.

the kids’ great-Grammy and That Guy. 
how cute are they?
too cute.

the theme of the parade and party
were both red, white and blue.
my mother-in-law has always said that B 
wears a flag on his sleeve. 
now my children do as well.

the parade had everything.

marching bands,

(he’s going to be such a band nerd someday. 
no offense, right?)

old cars with old people in costumes,

lots of smiles,


happy people,

cute boys,

and of course,
the women who workout with chairs.
they really do.

L was loving all of the attention
from some of his favorite guys. 

i am blessed to share my birthday 
with this little birthday boy.

part two will continue tomorrow…

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new things to try with L
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