this little piggy is going bye-bye.

early tomorrow morning, 
L is having surgery.

he was born with a sixth toe on one foot 
and an extra toe bone on the other foot. 
so he will be getting both of those “extras” removed. 
his new feet will fit better in shoes 
and will aid in his learning how to walk.

(this photo was taken when L was two months old)

we feel so blessed by L’s wonderful surgeon, 
who assures us that this is something he does quite often
this is not always the case for L. 
much too often we hear the words, 
“hmmm, i have never seen this before. 
let me bring some residents in to see this…”

when L was born, we explained to both D and K 
that God made L special 
in that He gave him an extra toe. 
D thought that was so great that he decided 
that when he was born, he too had six toes. 

tomorrow should be a big day.
and not only because of the surgery.
tomorrow also holds significance in our hearts.
two years ago 
to the day
i was wheeled into the labor + delivery department
fully in labor with L
who had only been in my belly for 29 weeks. 

we remember how our fear and trembling 
was met with His perfect peace and blessings overflowing. 

From the fullness of his grace 
we have all received one blessing after another.
John 1:16 

i have been reminded that
i am not my own and
L is not mine
and neither are D K or B.
they are all gifts from our glorious God.

i must cling to Him and Him alone
and not to anyone else.
or anything else.

so, we humbly ask for your prayers.
prayers for the Lord’s will to be done.
and prayers that the small fever that he has been battling all weekend
will vanish and will not delay the surgery.

we got a little note from L’s extra toe. 
it reads:
going to market.
love, pig

1041. the smell of roses pouring through the open windows
1042. a clean closet
1043. meeting baby E on skype
1044. bright new dish towels
1045. feeling covered in prayer

be sure to check out my new header 
blogging will be light this week 
but i do hope to post some quick updates.
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