a royal party.

the bigs and i are looking forward to settling in for
a viewing of the royal wedding for
friday movie night 
(a new tradition for us).

B remembers his mom 
waking him up in the middle of the night 
when he was four years old 
to watch Princess Diana’s wedding.
i am grateful for tivo so that i do not have to do that.

and, it was absolutely perfect timing that B’s mom 
just returned from a trip to London
where she brought us back this lovely 
oven mitt.

now i just need to think of something 
delicious to cook. 

1036. the weight being lifted
1037. excitement and anticipation
1038. picturing what our summer will be like
1039. being able to enjoy the last dr.p
1040. picking up a tear-free L from the CBS nursery
(a first)
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