packing it all in.

not too long ago,
i took the kids to visit family
we generally try to see nearly everyone in one fell swoop.
it turns out to be an intense day,
but oh so worth it.

especially the drive back home
where all of my littles are sound asleep
and i don’t have to be touched or talked to 
and can enjoy non-children’s music.

doesn’t my grandmother look amazing?
i won’t tell you her age
(because that would be rude)
but she’s older than 89 and younger than 91.
amazing, i tell you.

and when we go and visit we always get in some good
Uncle S time.

my sweet boy.

Great Grammy would have 
liked to hold L longer 
but his 27 pounds 
can exhaust the best of us pretty quickly.

my parents graciously hosted us on the open seas.
or the bay.
but whatever.

and it is only a matter of time 
before this little one goes overboard.
i promise you.

we can all thank D for this shot.
the sea lions sleep anywhere they can get to.

and D took this shot, too.
after one shot he proudly announced,
“mom! i almost got your eyes.”
but how about that.
my eyes did in fact make it.

That Guy is surviving cancer.

my parents took us to a petting zoo
where the kids got to ride on a train.

and at my parents’ everyone wears crocs. 

L even has his own pair.

1066. buckled children and long phone conversations
1067. shopping at target by myself
1068. how easily L goes to sleep
1069. nearing 3 months without a seizure
1070. a really clean sink
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