it’s embrace the camera day!

happy cinco de mayo!

this all started when B and i were dating.
i went on a family trip to mexico 
where i bought a huge sombrero to bring back to B.
everyone needs one of those, right?

we recently found said sombrero.
then i had this idea to take a picture of
everybody wearing it.
but then B does what he always does.
he comes up with a better idea.
so this is what he came up with.

aren’t we horribly scary?
yes, yes we are.
and L is sporting a milk mustache. 
he’s too happy to make a scary face.

but not B. 
he loves to make scary faces.
and this face is bordering on his joker from batman face.
and that face has been outlawed from our house 
because it freaks me out too much. 
but i’ll let this face slide.
just this once though, honey.
just this once.

1061. free apps
1062. teaching my kids new games
1063. D reading me stories during rest time
1064. somehow, that to-do list getting smaller
1065. the lego club magazine (free!)
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