not the life for me.

we have been having a lot of fun this week.
no school.
no CBS.
no therapies.

(photo taken by my brother)

my parents took the kids and me 
to a petting zoo earlier this week.

(photo taken by my dad)

now, i have this dream to someday be a rancher.
but honestly, after being there for a few hours
and allowing my children to get 
filthy, filthy dirty
(well, not L)
and giving my children a bath and 
washing all of their clothes
the moment we entered my parents’ house,
i’ve realized that it’s not really the life for me.
i just don’t think i could get used to that.

1006. being back home
1007. a fun, fun day had by all
1008. watching Tangled with the bigs
1009. not getting anything done
and not stressing about it
1010. Parenthood

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