picture me {im}perfectly.messes

is it just me or 
does having more than two children rock your world?
it rocks mine.
and not always in the most calming way.

i turn around.
i blink.
i take a deep breath.
i finish a single thought.
and in that short, 
(such a short amount of time)
my house is destroyed. 

i think that i probably touch more than 400 items a day
and unfortunately, i don’t think that’s an exaggeration.

i think we need to minimize the stuff.
if my children haven’t played with something for more than two minutes, 
it needs to go bye bye.
that will surely bless our house.
less is more.
it is so so so much more.
but i think more importantly, 
when i am present
(and i mean really present, people)
the destruction in my house seems to decrease dramatically. 

i also think that if i borrowed an extra child for one week
and then gave them back to their parents, 
i would think three kids is a breeze.
any takers?

there were so many incredible women who linked up last week!
hop on over and visit
where she reveals her need to be less serious.
(i do, too!)

picture me {im}perfectly
is a weekly project to reveal that we don’t have it all together.

i will post a 
picture me {im}perfectly
blog post every wednesday 
where you will be able to link up to your blog
revealing that:

you are not picture perfect,
your kids are not picture perfect,
your house is not picture perfect,
your crafts are not always picture perfect,

inspire and 
other women 
that none of us have it all together.  

add my button to your blog post
and link up to your direct posting
and feel encouraged. 

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