twirling + whirling.

K has been taking ballet 
and she just had her 
very first ballet recital.

on the day of the performance, 
there was a lot of waiting.

she went off to practice with her class,
so the boys took full advantage of the empty basketball court.

after that, there was a tad bit more waiting.

and then it started!

(i felt like we were the bravermans.)

and then it ended!

it was wonderful.
all 3.5 minutes of it.
i’m serious.
her performance was one song.
for the entire class.

but, we did absolutely devour that one song.

and watching our little twirler was 
simply put, lovely.

moments like this hit me over and over again.
i have a little girl.
a little girl who loves to dance.

i think that someone wanted it to be about him for a whole second.

cake and lemonade followed.
but you know and i know 
that we don’t need an excuse 
to enjoy both of those things.

our plates were licked clean,

hugs were given to Uncle S

and a beautiful bouquet of 
hand-made flower 
colored pencils
were received.

i’m sure asking B if i can volunteer 
at the local rec center 
to teach ballet to little ones 
is out of the question.
am i right, hon?

maybe someday.

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922. the joy that taking photos gives me
923. watching Indy with B
924. ballet shoes
925. pink tutus

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