picture me {im}perfectly.the hokey pokey

i have yet another thing to admit.

way too often, i focus on the big things.

i’ve been realizing that life is not about the big things. 
the big memories with our kids.
you know,
the birthday parties, 
the Christmases,
the Easter celebrations.

no, it’s about all of the little moments in-between
that really are remembered. 

all of those little mundane moments
that are squeezed and squished in-between
coming in and leaving the house
 and in-between brushing their teeth and
having them use the bathroom and 
getting the shoes on and off 
and on again and 
running here and 
running there. 

those simple everyday moments.
that’s what it’s all about.
that’s really what it’s all about.
(well, that and the hokey pokey.)

those real memories that frequent your mind 
are not from traditions or forced fun or plans.

those good memories are way beyond anything that can be planned.
because let’s be honest here, 
you can plan a fabulous party 
but you can’t plan a fabulous memory.
those just happen. 
out of nowhere. 
and they hit you on the side of your head and
jolt you awake.

like a few nights ago, 
when i hugged D goodnight 
after a particularly exhausting and draining day
where there was not one moment of peace.

and do you know what he said to me? 
of course you don’t, that’s why i’m about to tell you. 
he said, “mommy hugs are the best.”
i will always remember that.

i am so blessed 
and some days, 
if i don’t stop,
and i mean really, really stop 
in the moments in-between all the other stuff, 
i miss life. 
it blows right on past me.

so here’s to slowing down. 
to actually stopping.
to not focusing on just the really big things 
but all those little things in-between.
Mary treasured up all these things 
and pondered them in her heart.
Luke 2:19

and thanks to Jackie
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inspire and 
other women 
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