paint on the face.

we all had such a grand time at the museum.
it’s so rare that we go somewhere as a family of five
without an agenda.

in the kids’ area of the museum,
they had high chairs for the little painters 
and benches for the big painters. 

my favorite part 
was that the workers brought everything all set up to each table
and cleaned up everything once we were finished.
if only they would come to my house to do the same. 

L enjoys painting, but not as much as 
trying to put the paintbrush in his mouth.
that must mean that he is just really 
used to brushing his teeth, right?

quite possibly one of my absolute newest favorite photos.

p.s. rabbit, rabbit!

931. little old ladies who come to dinner
932. making something new for dinner 
and not having it be a complete disaster
933. the kids playing outside after dinner
934. not making one or two 
but three batches of zucchini muffins
935. a night with B

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