while the kiddos rested/napped,
i ventured outside to our backyard.
i never do this by myself.
never, ever.
but i assure you, 
it will be done again.
again and again and again.

and what would be some lovely alone time
without my trusty dr. pepper and lime?
the perfect companions.
(well, of course, except for B.)
and don’t be thrown by the yellow of our limes. 
our limes turn yellow when they’re ripe. 
weird, right?
so weird but so good.

there was the perfect amount 
of the slightest breeze,

and the hydrangea that i nearly killed?

yeah, B brought that back to life,
and it was soaking up the sunshine as well.

isn’t the color of the benches to our 
picnic table 
simply lovely?
yes, yes they are.
that color red makes my heart go a pitter-patter.

escaping to our backyard was just what i needed. 
nobody talked to me or touched me for a few hours.
and when i was ready to come back to the real world, 
i was in a much better place.

I will see you again and you will rejoice, 
and no one will take away your joy
John 16:22b

871. coldplay’s secret album
(thanks Aunt CC!)
872. sneaking pumpkin into our dinner and B didn’t even suspect it
873. knowing what we need to do and having B there to back me up
874. that perfect shade of red
875. clipped nails (for everyone in our house)

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