three hours.

as i write this, i’m sitting in our office,
all by my lonesome.

i’m drinking a dr. pepper 
(with a fresh lime wedge… my favorite)
with three hours ahead of me.
yes, three entire hours.
isn’t my husband great?

i have loud music that is sure to 
wake any sleeping child,
particularly this cute little one:

for Christmas, my parents gave me 
a gift certificate to get my blog made into a book for 2010. 
i’m working on that right now 
and the program is currently uploading 1,322 photos.
so i wait.

and today, i’m going to start this 
(and you should too!)

711. a fabulous weekend (more on that soon!)
712. getting to sleep in until 9am on saturday (thank you, dad)
713. hanging with my sisters
714. the perfect beach evening
715. three hours

2 thoughts on “three hours.”

  1. So glad I stumbled on your blog! Running out the get Jesus Calling {as soon as this ice storm is over!} asap! 😀

  2. That dr pepper looks amazing! And 3 hours sounds amazing! My little one is going through a very clingy stage so when my husband tries to give me a few minutes to myself I can hear him screaming and calling my name the entire time. Not fun.

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