the sun is shining.

it’s {embrace} the camera day!

it’s been pretty dreary around here lately. 
we’ve all been sick.
the kiddos are all well now, but my cold 
has turned into some sort of sinusy thing. 
yep, that’s some official medical talk for you.
i finally feel like i’m on the mend 
and for that, 
i am so grateful.
so grateful 
to God.

so now, the sun is peeking into our dreariness.
and i am soaking it up.
one ray at a time.

isn’t it so lame 
that you never really appreciate 
how good it feels to just feel like yourself 
until you feel simply miserable?
so lame, indeed.
let me not take that for granted ever again.

there has been a lot going on with L these past few weeks.
much of which i will shed a light on tomorrow. 
and i will be asking for your prayers.
so get ready.

781. the branches on our tree fluttering quickly
782. all three children napping (and a momma too)
783. ear thermometers
784. a friend knowing she is right where God wants her to be
785. the sun breaking through the clouds
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