the dirt.

the other day, 
i let the kids play in the dirt.

it was mud, actually.
and yep, they loved every second of it.
but what kid doesn’t?

i usually don’t like things like this
(i’m not a kid)
but i bit my lip and let them go for it.

don’t get me wrong, 
i did make them take off 
all muddy clothing 
before entering the house.
and i may have 
wiped their hands and feet 
before letting them come back in.
and i may have 
thrown them in the bathtub for a quick soak. 

but the point of this story 
is that i let my kids play in the dirt. 
can i get a high five for that?

811. clean booster seats
(thanks to my mother-in-law)
812. a cleaned out fridge 
(thanks to my mother-in-law)
813. the joy that dirt and water brings
814. L’s love for our tree out front
815. sleep, sleep and more sleep
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