ten on ten. february.

here’s my ten on ten!

all loaded up on our way to CBS for the morning.

all bundled up in the car 
in the chilly 51 degree weather.

waiting for B to come home for lunch.

playing in the front yard.

a little spider web.
don’t you just love the bright blue
from the recycling bin in the background?
i do.

a special, special treat for lunch.
B had to drive far to pick this up.

working on some valentine bookmarks for
D’s preschool class.

feeding little L lunch.

look at those eyes and that wild, wild hair.

a new prescription for the little guy.
(more on this soon.)

ten on ten button

751. my anxiety slowly decreasing
752. the hope we have not in the world but in Christ
753. chick-fil-a
754. many, many new things L is doing all of a sudden
755. choco hoto pots 
(i’m sure this has been on here before)

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i am beyond grateful for you.

8 thoughts on “ten on ten. february.”

  1. Anne Eurose Abris

    I always forget about this. I guess I'll be doing 10 on 11 again this month :). Love the eyes and wild wild hair :).

  2. chick-fil-A – now I'm hungry! Next time you come to play out this way we should take the kids there for lunch!! happy weekend xoxoxox

  3. Can't wait to hear more about the new things L is doing on Sunday!

    And, where did you get chick-fil-a. That's worth a drive! Tell me tell me!

  4. Wow, your daughter is quite stunning in that third pic! I love that you caught a glimpse of that single web strand!

  5. YAY!!!! CFA!!! Did Bob drive USC? We drove to that CFA on Monday for Kelli Power's family because her dad had surgery down there. Anyway, you know we really love that place! Also, we thought James getting and sending Valentines was the cutest thing ever! I hope D had fun! XOXO

  6. your daughter's hair is so pretty! i laughed when you said a chilly 51˚ it has been in the teens here with a windchill below zero!

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