let’s try this again.

i hope you had a simply marvelous 
valentine’s day.

i was really hot last night.
like, feverish.
i even headed to bed at 7:15pm.
i am feeling better but 
K caught the cold, 
then L 
and now D has it. 
so glad we’re getting it all over with now 
instead of stretching it out for a few weeks. 
B was up with all of the kids all last night.
what a hero.

for valentine’s day, i totally fell in love with this idea

so D and i got inspired to make some bookmarks for his friends at school.

this is K’s interpretation of color blocking.
but like i always say, 
there aren’t any rules in art.
(is this even true?)

our masterpieces 

and more of our masterpieces 

and i know that book paper is really popular now.
but what about paper from the first draft of B’s new novel?
totally counts, right?
i especially like the red correction pen on a few of the pieces.
i feel it gives it a valentine’s feel.

and our home looks quite festive
thanks to Auntie B
who made this
for us to hang.

isn’t it simply adorable?

just vellum and staples, people.

i think i am going to leave it up all year round.

and this was my memory verse for the beginning of this month.

and this is my verse for the end of this month.
(provided to me by the always inspirational katherine wolf, at preschool drop-off.)

around our house, 
we are seeing hearts,


hearts everywhere.
i hope you are, too.

761. not having the flu
762. a husband who let me sleep without the baby monitors for the night
763. new great smelling shampoo and conditioner
764. finding the item in the fridge that was stinking up the house every time the door was opened
765. feeling the warmth of the sunshine beat down on me
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