splats worthy.

D and i got in a little one-on-one time this past weekend.

after being encouraged by 
not one 
but two dear friends 
who did this with their boys,
he and i started reading through the 
Chronicles of Narnia series.
it was (of course) enjoyed alongside a bowl of ice cream.

i worried that he was a bit young for this book, 
so after i read the first chapter i asked if he would like me to continue.
his answer was an enthusiastic yes.
(here he is doing the “splats” as my kids call them.)

he has just begun reading on his own
and i can just see it in his eyes that he is going to absolutely devour books. 
he is going to be just like my sister, 
(Aunt CC),
who is kind of a nerd 
(no offense). 

growing up, i remember my parents had to make an official rule in our house 
(which we all knew would only affect my sister) 
that there could not be any reading while walking.
especially while going down the stairs.
yeah, like i said, she’s a nerd.
and i can’t wait for D to become one too.


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4 thoughts on “splats worthy.”

  1. I must tell you. Jeff and I spent our courtship reading the series aloud to one another. Start to finish. Then we got engaged :-). There are no books I love more. And, we continued the tradition. We almost always have a read aloud book going. It's lovely.

  2. Love this! We started reading this with our kids last year and then stopped. I'm planning on picking back up again this week-they've loved the stories and I loved the snuggle time while reading to them! Enjoy!

  3. My daughter and I started the series the same way and finished with her reading to me. Great memories! Enjoy it.

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