not a one.

was a much better day than
the day and
the week and
the weeks

there weren’t any tears.
not a one.
it was extremely cathartic for me to write my post yesterday
and today, i feel better.

it is a constant struggle for me to be here.
but it is a struggle i am not willing to give into. 

and if you’ll notice in this series of photos, that bookshelf is looking much better.
don’t get me wrong, 
it is bound to become a mess again soon, 
but for the moment, 
it is doing okay.

701. bike rides at 5pm in shorts and t-shirts
702. picnics that are filled with running around
703. a great OT session for L
704. L sleeping through the night
705. feeling (somewhat) rested

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  1. Yea! Glad you're feeling better. Wanted to text.. but was driving and alas forgot to when I got home. So glad to see this. PIctures are adorable. I think I might have to start doing this as a way to stop avoiding putting myself in pictures.

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