something fabulous has happened.

something fabulous has happened.

D is very excited,

K is equally as thrilled,

L won’t stop smiling,

which all has made me very happy. 

we now have grass in our backyard!

and, this grass in particular
has to be watered.

yep, it’s totally and completely fake.

it even has some brown specks throughout
to make it look real. 
prior to this, we had something i liked to call 
“the dirt circle”
which, as you can guess, was
dirt in a circle.

i couldn’t stand it. 
not only did the children bring in 
loads and loads of dirt 
every time they came into the house,
there wasn’t anywhere to put L. 
it was hot and dusty and just plain terrible.

a big thanks to B who negotiated with the owners of our house to put grass in.

we have been spending so much time outside now.

and there’s a perfect place for L to sit.

it’s awesome.

456. grass
457. having fun in the yard
458. L using the straw in his sippy cup
459. mobiles and fish
460. smiling kiddos
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