the front of our house.

i love children’s artwork.
and by that, i mean that i am
in love with children’s artwork.
especially if it’s my children’s.
but you probably feel the same if you have children.
and if you don’t have children,
you probably are in love with my children’s artwork, right?
i would love it if their artwork covered nearly every wall in my house.
surprising and
it easily leaves you feeling more alive.
that they could create such beautiful masterpieces in a matter of moments,
without hemming and hawing
about which color they should use for this or that,
is simply incredible.
but instead, they hastily paint with such wild fury
because they know that the next moment is there,
ready and waiting to be lived
and not to be merely contemplated.

D painted this picture of our house.
he is surprisingly accurate.
i absolutely love it.
our art filled mantle
(which i just cleaned up).

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