one thousand pieces.

we’re getting our house all organized
and put together
in eager anticipation for fall to arrive.
D starts school tomorrow
and the little kids are looking forward to
many mornings of delicious time at home just as much as i am.
i am sure of it.
a month ago, B brought home some of the toys that he played with when he was a child.
i wish i was kidding when i tell you that one of them has
one thousand pieces.
yes, one thousand.

now, there is a place for every single one of the pieces,
but the issue is that they just don’t get put back there
because the containers were big messes.
so, D and i worked so hard and
organized, organized, organized
every last one of them.
and, if you know us, you know we both love to organize things.
luckily, L was around to help.
he can’t wait to unload the
one thousand pieces
when he gets older.
i can just see it on his face.
in other news, L’s been busy slobbering all over
daddy babydoll.
K thinks he is trying to eat daddy babydoll
but i think he just likes to kiss daddy babydoll.

281. organization
282. organizing with D
283. fall weather
284. a house that is slowly but surely coming together
285. running a quick errand with the kids that actually was quick
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