a crab.

how about that hair?
award winning, don’t you think?
K woke up screaming in the middle of the night because she thought there was a crab in her bed. do you know what my husband did? no, he didn’t try to convince her in her sleepiness that there wasn’t actually a crab in her bed. he pretended to catch the crab. what a good daddy he is.
now, that and a million other reasons are why i love my husband so.
today, i am choosing to take it as a compliment when all of my children speak to me at the
they obviously think i can hear what each of them are saying.
which of course, i simply cannot.
276. all knowing glances
277. a rowdy ruthann drink
278. my dear husband
279. my plugged ear coming unplugged
(even just for a few minutes)
280. progress, progress, progress
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