a friend recently asked,
“have you gone on any vacations just the five of you?”
to which i responded
“LE, we have gone out to dinner,
the five of us,
one time… in fourteen months.”
enough said.
yes, that one experience was that wonderful.
but now we can notch that number all the way up to two.

LE with L

we have had to schedule our family time lately.
B’s been working up a storm and life’s just been very full.

so on saturday, we had a deliciously wonderful time at a lovely park

where they have a man-made creek running through it.

B and i took turns hanging out with L on the grass,

while the big kids ran around in their swim suits.

and then…
B and i decided to take the plunge and go out to dinner.
with our three children.
all together.
at the same time.
it was a spontaneous decision… one that could easily backfire.
but we were willing to take the risk.

we went to one of our old haunts,
one of our fav bbq places.
the kind of place where your hands smell like
bbq sauce long after you’ve scrubbed them
with soap and water because it’s soaked into your fingertips.
no matter how careful you were to keep it just on your sandwich.

we were seated next to a family of three
where the one and only child was
happily watching a dvd while her parents ate in silence.
needless to say, we were the focus of the restaurant.
all of the staff was staring at us (not in a bad way) from behind the counter.
for our whole meal.
as B said, “they’ve heard about people having
three kids, they’ve just never seen it before.”

and do you know what? we had a really good time.
like a really, really good time.
all the way through dinner.
i know.

this doesn’t mean that we are going to rush out and do it again anytime soon.
no, let’s just relish in what a good experience it was.

256. taking photos
257. looking at photos
258. really, really good bbq
259. hilarious voice mails
260. good family outings

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