an unexpected holiday.

(this photo has absolutely nothing to do with this post)

i got to take an unexpected holiday this weekend.
yes, after our family time on saturday, the fun abruptly stopped.
i thought i had food poisoning or the flu.
but it was actually a bad case of mastitis.
for any of you who have gone through that… i now understand your pain.

B called my ob to see if i needed to go on an antibiotic but the only things she wanted to prescribe me had penicillin in them. my mother is allergic to penicillin and i figured we have had enough fun with hospitals in the last year and a half to take that risk, so i politely said
“no thank you.”
actually, before B asked for the prescription, he and my ob had a lovely chat about what he was writing now and his takes on the Tiger Woods world. see, my doc went to stanford and met Tiger before he was Tiger. so she’s always been interested in B’s writing.
all while i was resting my head on the toilet.
good times.

thank the good Lord for B.
he quickly rushed outside to carry in
the groceries and children
that i left in the car once we got back from shopping at tj’s.
he held down the fort while i was
“putting my feet up and relaxing”
as my doc suggested i do.
if only it were that glamorous.

also, i thank the good Lord for Auntie B.
she came over in a heartbeat with
plenty of things to help mend me back to health.
the children were well taken care of by the both of them
and soon enough (well, not actually soon enough, because
when a mom is sick, she can never recover fast enough)
i was feeling better.

i do have to say though,
the best kind of showers are where you shed your pajamas,
shower and then put fresh, clean jammies back on.
in the middle of the day.

it was certainly not the vacation i had dreamed of…
but i did get to sleep in my own bed
without having to listen to any baby monitors all night long.
that was nice.
sort of.

261. rest
262. feeling good
263. being rescued
264. not caring what the house looks like
265. catching up on emails

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