simply delighted.

it feels like summer here.
not so much the weather,
but more-so the activities.

i mean seriously,
does that hair not simply delight you?

D showing off how many post-its he drew on
and then stuck together.
(half fell to the ground before i snapped the photo)

note to self: before assuming this lovely animal is a giraffe,
read the words on the bottom “draw your favorite zoo animal”
and take note of which child painted it.
this is in fact a tiger.
not a giraffe.

our coffee table has been turned into an unofficial train table for a week now.
i’m thinking it might stay this way for a while.

my two conductors.

the little engine that could.

apparently, i was interrupting something.

and here, L looks
like my Poppy did when he was in his sixties.
and i mean, exactly.

other than that,
we’ve just been going through some mail.

And the peace of God,
which transcends all understanding,
will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4:7

176. D starting preschool today
177. running errands with just two children
178. coming home to a spotless kitchen (thanks mom and dad!)
179. wearing the children out
180. peace

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  1. um, i TOO luv ur name, luv ur camera, luv your blog, and luv the fact you always have 5 things at the end of your post that you're grateful for or you liked that day. your family is so sweet!!

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