the best day.

any birthday that you are not
in the hospital
is a good day.
even if you do receive the most incredible present
on your actual birthday
(a.k.a. L)
you are still
in the hospital.

even if your extremely generous and thoughtful husband
gets take-out sushi from your favorite restaurant, you are still
in the hospital.
even if you get gifts and an ice cream cake (the best)
from your now nurse friends, you are still
in the hospital.
so this year, it already started out better than being
in the hospital.

and this year – boy this year was a bang!
it started and ended with such a celebration.
such a celebration of life.

it all began on saturday, when my sweet sis completely surprised me
by flying in from texas for the special weekend!
not even my parents knew she was making the trek.

i soaked up every single second with her.

and so did L.

on sunday, i got breakfast in bed.
by the way, my family has this horrible tradition of taking your photo
first thing in the morning on your birthday. we’ve even been known to
re-do a photo (and try to look sleepy) in the case of
someone forgetting to capture that moment.
B has so kindly continued that tradition…
needless to say, that photo will not be posted here for the whole wide world to see.
even though L looked just fine.

sweet Auntie B and me
with the most adorable hand-made (by Auntie B) mobile hanging in our tree out front.
and don’t even ask how it was found on a wedding blog.

a couple mobiles up close.

i got to be with my husband and my children.
all of my children.

i got to share the day with my sweet little L.
we will always get to share this day.

Surely goodness and love will follow me
all the days of my life,
and I will dwell in the house of the LORD
Psalm 23:6

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  1. Hi. I'm Allison. Blog stalker. Jesus lover. Not quite sure how I found your blog (maybe Katherine Wolf?) Happy Birthday to you and your sweet little man:) I have loved following your blog and so blessed by your words and pics!

    I have also been doing the Multitude Monday(although it usually occurs on Tuesday;). It has been such a blessing to document God's blessings!

    Looks like you had a fabulous day and what better way to spend it….family and friends:)

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