spectacular, spectacular.

i love being disciplined.
i get a kick out of it.
i know… i’m strange.
i love using my time as efficiently as possible.
am i the only one out there?
for instance, when i heat up K’s milk for bedtime, i use the 45 seconds to do as many things as i possibly can.
it really is amazing what can be accomplished in that short period of time.
i am convinced that it eventually will save me hours and hours.

this is what happens when we don’t regulate
how many buddies D gets to bring into our bed for his rest time.

it’s like a disneyland gift shop in there.

we had an absolutely spectacular weekend.
we went away,
ate great food,
saw a lot of family,
even some dear friends.
we were spontaneous,
and we had so much fun.

we had a delightful visit with Great Gram
and her fabulous new haircut.
the kids (i.e. the kids and B) putted on her putting green and K snuck in a few snuggles.

we decided to go to an annual parade on the island where
my dad grew up and where my other grandmother lives.
her husband, whom my children call “that guy” knew every single person in the parade.
and each one made sure to wave to “that guy.”

L loved the parade except for the sirens.

D and Great Grammy had a fantastic time grabbing every piece of candy thrown near where they were sitting.

D clapped, cheered and smiled throughout the entire parade.

K reaped the benefits of having an outgoing brother.

a rare shot of B and me.
we were both up a lot last night

because of this little person.

66. maple bar donuts
(from the same donut shop my dad went to when he was a kid)
67. gorgeous sunny days
68. boat rides
69. extra help in the mornings (thanks, dad!)
70. being home, once again

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