one. year. ago. again.

it’s {embrace} the camera day!

eating these delicious cupcakes we made for an early birthday celebration for B.

mu little K, stealing my heart at a mommy and K only
tea party and nail painting session.

the happy little man.

thanks to Auntie B’s sweet momma for the reminder,
today marks the one year anniversary of bringing little L home from the nicu!
we were so excited to bring him home and begin
whatever this new life was going to be all about.
and boy has it been a new life.
for us all.
it was one year ago that i was able to start nursing L.
it was one year ago that we could hold L whenever we wanted
and for however long we wanted and
we didn’t have to ask anyone for permission
or try to maneuver him around cords, wires, monitors, feeding tubes or ivs.
he was ours and ours to keep.
and boy are we grateful.

and this has been currently rocking my world.
Kat is so incredibly incredible.
she is hearing God speak to her and is sharing it.
if you are a mom, you must subscribe to her blog.

May God be gracious to us and bless us
and make his face shine upon us,
that your ways may be known on earth,
your salvation among all nations.
Psalm 67:1-2

96. transferring all of my photos onto a new drive and only losing all of june
(i just keep telling myself… it could be worse, it could be much, much worse.)
97. sweet prayers from D that i would find all of the missing photos
98. a good cry (over lost photos)
don’t we all need a good cry every once in a while?
99. swinging in our front yard
100. receiving unbelievably encouraging words from a sweet friend. thanks, Britta!

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