dirty fingernails.

it’s {embrace} the camera day!

D and me hanging out in the front yard
while the other little munchkins sleep the afternoon away.

my freckly face.
must be nearly summertime.

D telling me all about the sun and the moon.

praise God for our little gardener.
without him, nothing would ever be watered.
and tonight, we enjoyed fresh basil in our tomato sauce and
all of the lettuce in our salad was from our garden.

Auntie B and D working on some fun projects.

all of the kids joined me while i got a haircut.
B has been getting his hair cut from Germain since before we were engaged.
she’s practically part of the family.

and total
i have been leaving the big kids notes each night
which greet them when they get up in the morning.
the notes tell them of some of the fun that we will have each day.
they only get the notes
and only if
they go to bed nicely.
seems to be working thus far.

76. fresh food from our garden
77. wonderfully accurate developmental assessments
78. the windows open while the sprinklers are on
79. it nearly being the weekend
80. priceless moments following dinner

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