dear iphone

K with her buddy, P. whome she refers to
“my P (insert P’s full name here)”

Auntie B, the human teether.

this afternoon, i needed to put some of L’s clothes away. i knew it would only take
around three and a half minutes.
i know, you’re probably saying “how dare you be so selfish.”
well, i’m sorry, but i cannot be completely unproductive in a day’s time.
anyway, i ran out of ideas on how to keep L happy
(i.e. content without my nose to his nose entertaining his every whim).
so… i wound up a snow globe and put it in his crib.
i have no idea where this would fall on the “safe things to do” scale.
i assume it would be way off that scale.
but, it worked.

D, enjoying some backyard fun.
oh, how i love a preppy look.

dear iphone, whose side are you on, anyway?
i clearly typed a text to B (my phone is on the right).
and he clearly did not receive it (his phone is on the left).
so now his iphone doesn’t listen to me either?

and i shall leave you with a couple of clearly random thoughts:
i’m a sucker for duets.
lest you think that playdoh is harmless when wearing a cast. it’s not.
i could only fish out so much.
buying shredded cheese has changed my life.

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