how do you make an "n" with your body?

this post has way too many photos. it’s because it’s been days and days since i’ve last posted. this week we all came down with colds (except for D probably because he’s about as germaphobic as his momma). we are all on the mend but are oh-so worn out.

something needs to come off.

yep, i too was thinking the shorts were the problem.
he is the epitome of cool.

ahh… those eyelashes.

monkey slippers.

on the phone with GramMary’s dog.


Great Uncle Davey making L laugh.

Great Grammy and the little man.

my little pink bunny rabbit. i couldn’t be more thrilled that she wanted her face painted. D was not interested at all but then when it was time to leave, he decided he would in fact get his face painted. with what you ask?
a big black spider.
on each cheek.

watching the egg hunt with Great Gram.

the goods from the “egg hunt” which in actuality were just plastic eggs thrown on the lawn. it was really more of a race.

D on the pony.
he made it three times around before telling the nice woman that he was done.
the truth is that after one time around he told us that he was done and we told him that he’d have to tell the lady. it took him two more times around to get the guts to tell her he was finished. but, this was huge that he’d even get on the pony.

K on the other hand rode and rode and rode and then when it was time to get off, we got back in line. we also pet the ponies as they went back into their trailer and then waved to them on our way back to Papa and GramMary’s house.

in line to ride the fire truck.

instead of actually going in the bounce house (because it had “too much bounce”)
he and Aunt WW read the rules.
like ten times.

D was so helpful and got a snack for he and K this morning. it’s brief (very brief) moments like these that makes me want a dog.

we bought a new step stool at ikea. the kids helped me put it together this morning. i think i’ll have blisters from the allen wrench but it’s totally worth the awesome bragging rights. i’m totally joking. i was just impatient for B to get home and build it. it easily took me at least three times as long to build as it would have for him.
but he wouldn’t have had to factor in nursing a baby.

story time before bed tonight.
oh curious george, why oh why do you have to be so mischievous?

the other night after the big kids were both in bed, D asked:
“what do 100 fives make?”
“how do you make an ‘n’ with your body?”
“how big is the earth?”

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