around here.


wow is it hard to get on the computer these days!
actually, it’s hard to do anything other than feed,
snuggle and take care of little F
along with the three bigs!
forget about the dishes or the laundry.

four kids is no joke, people.
and only about a million times
has everybody needed me at the

it’s cool though,
because i have quickly come to the end of myself
and have needed to rely fully on Christ
and His power
to not just climb back in bed
and throw the covers over my head for days on end.

we’ve had lots and lots of visitors.


and KS from KS even made a special visit!

we are all just soaking this new little girl up.

and how cute is it that the littles have their feet in the same position?!

For from his fullness
we have all received, grace upon grace.
John 1:16

3646. receiving blessings upon blessings
3647. friends bringing dinners
3648. hearing “where did my baby go?” from L
when i pick him up from school
3649. throwing my to do list out the window
3650. clearing the calendar

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