counting up.again

well Christmas is now over,
we’ve returned from a gorgeous trip to mexico with my family
and now it’s time to prep for this baby to come!

last week, my doc told me that my big goal
needs to be to keep this baby inside for a bit longer.
especially since L tried coming so early,
i have a higher chance of having this little one early.
and… i’ve started having some contractions with this little love.
they start and then they stop
and for that, i am so grateful.


so i really, really
need to take it easy.


but the tough thing is,
i only have one speed,
so this is hard.
both mentally and physically.
but i will and rest in the truth
that i don’t need to do a thing
to earn God’s love or favor over my life.
i don’t need to be an uber-productive human being
to be loved and adored by Him.
that’s what grace is all about.



so we will count up the days
that this little baby will stay inside.
just as we did with our L,
knowing that each and every day is a gift.
and trying, trying oh-so hard to take each day as it comes.

Be strong, and let your heart take courage,
all you who wait for the Lord!
Psalm 31:24


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