loud + quiet.

our days are either loud,
filled to the brim
and running over
with chaos and a million moving parts
and my color-coded google calendar informing me
of all the places we must be and all the things we must do


our days are quiet.
so very quiet that it is
startling and difficult
to adjust to the stark contrasts of our daily living.

but that’s just how life seems to be these days.
either one way or another.
and i’m trying to learn to adjust
to the abrupt differences and the
opposite of opposite days,
one after the other.

quiet days:
i’ve been reading again (gasp!)
and finally finished a delicious book i started way back in july.
and now i’m nearly half way done with a new one.
thoughts on both of those coming at some point soon(ish).
and i’ve also been thinking during these quiet days… which is always nice.
to think.

loud days:

shuffling all three from one thing to the next.
sometimes expected, sometimes not.
fishing clean but unfolded laundry out of the laundry basket
(if you didn’t know any better, you’d think this was my favorite pastime).
barely (and i mean barely) getting
baths and
bedtimes done in time.
just to collapse in a heap on the couch
when i realize that the children and i are
beginning to play the next round of
a very popular game around our house called
“didn’t i just put you in bed?!?!”

but i’m grateful.
so very grateful because i’m not sure we had any quiet days last year.
i think it was just a year filled with loud days.

and as always, without the loud days,
i wouldn’t be able to cherish the quiet days so much.

Teach me to do your will,
for you are my God;
may your good Spirit lead me on level ground.
Psalm 143:10

3456. a certain nose-picking boy
3457. the mimicker of burps
3458. energy to cook dinner
3459. the sweetest of naps on the couch
3460. rain!

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