messes everywhere.

that is what our summer has looked like so far.
but in every corner of every room.



i’m thinking that the kids have more fun
when they get everything out
than if they put things as they go along.


and this is of course, L’s favorite thing to do as well.


at the end of each day,
i just plead with them to put everything back in its place.
which doesn’t happen that easily.


also, in honor of her birthday,
my sweet friend Jackie has a
coupon for 20% off in her darling etsy shop.
it’s: JULY20


It does not, therefore,

depend on human desire or effort,
but on God’s mercy.
Romans 9:16


3381. making B’s birthday cake from a box
(just the way he likes it)
3382. the bigs being quiet together
3383. a quick but lovely lunch
3384. not doing something extra
3385. a double airport run

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