entering that place.

i needed to go.
not go and do.
just go.


my ears needed the deafening sound of the waves.
coming and going.
and swirling and crashing.
into each other.
into the sand.
following their own lines.
their own patterns.
different every time.



the endless water.
never stopping.
never giving up.
always and forever.
just like Christ’s love.



feeling the soft,
comforting sand under my feet.
see the reflections of the bright light
from above on the sand.
the waves gently creeping their way up onto the sandy shore.
like foamy fingers reaching.
the breeze blowing into my face.
this is where i take those deep breaths.
those life-giving deep breaths.



and then i know that it was all worth it.
the trying,
the planning,
the fighting to get here.
because this.
this is what it was all for.


Yes, my soul, find rest in God:
my hope comes from him.
Psalm 62:5


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3184. finding rest
3185. the rain starting up again

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