i have thought.
and prayed.
and wondered
what my word was going to be this year.
and now i know.

on Sunday, our pastor said these words:
“God doesn’t need something from us.
He wants something for us.
Jesus offers us something to be,
not something to do.
Our greatest fear should be getting what we want
and not what God wants.
God comes to us not because of our goodness
but because of His grace.
He’s not calling us away from an enjoyable life,
He’s redefining it for us.”

i needed that reminder.
i need that reminder.

i so easily get convinced that i must follow the law.
and that i must follow all of it.
not a piece of it,
but the law in its entirety.
and completely obey.
and fully fulfill.

and i can’t.
it’s impossible.
and i forget
that Christ’s death on the cross abolished the law.
the works.
the impossibility that we can even attempt to get there,
to get to Him,
on our own.
by ourselves.

but God makes things possible.
He makes the impossible, possible.
sometimes, everything seems impossible.
the tasks.
the duties.
the jobs.
the responsibilities.
holding everything together.
all the time.
being enough.
for everyone.
being enough to do everything.
it all just seems too daunting.
too big.
too continuous.

i am not enough.
but He is.
He is enough.
He is enough.

And my God will meet all your needs
according to the riches of his glory
in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4:19

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