and then the sun set.

what a whirlwind these last few weeks have been.
actually, it’s been a wild few months.

B is approaching the deadline
of a really exciting writing project
(more on that when i am allowed to say.)
and so things have been a bit different
under our roof as of late.

but i am really, really looking forward to
finding and settling into
our new normal around here…
whatever that may look like.


lately i’ve been feeling as if i’m
in a bit of a rut.
i just cannot get things checked off of my to do list
without having piles and piles of new things added, daily.

i know that i have nothing left to give

that is good
so the Lord must take over
and shine through me
my tired self,
on these
seemingly unending days.
and He does.
He shines through

it’s like how at church,
my very last pen in my purse ran out
and then, the ink just kept coming.
just enough
to scribble the truth notes spoken.
i am my pen.
and Jesus is my ink.
(how’s that for being deep?)
and also, yesterday at church
we were charged to radiate the beauty of Jesus.

and the week ended
when i got to get away for a little bit.
to the beach
(which is of course, my fave)
to do a fun photo shoot
for some lovely friends.
He fills me again and again.


Those who look to him are radiant;
their faces are never covered with shame.
Psalm 34:5

2951. not having to get up with L this morning
2952. the bigs, how they just accept everybody for who they are
2953. L and his buddy S smiling at each other
2954. seeing old friends at a picnic
2955. making progress on a project

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