the haunted hathaways.

as many of you know,
my husband is a writer
and he is writing on a new nickelodeon tv show called
the haunted hathaways.
(have i ever mentioned that we met on
sabrina, the teenage witch?
well, we did.)


Nick’s ‘Haunted Hathaways’ To Launch July 13 with ‘P-Nut’ Center

this show is super silly
and filled with tons of physical comedy
that our kids go bonkers for.


we just found out that
the first episode
of the haunted hathaways
will be airing on saturday, july 13th at 8:30pm
on nickelodeon!
(it will be available the next day on
itunes, amazon instant video,
xbox video + vudu.)


2706. swimming on a super hot day
2707. not one but two photo shoots this week
2708. a most welcome breeze
2709. not making anyone’s dinners
2710. my husband

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